Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tool #4 - "Moving On Up"...to the Clouds, That Is!

I attended some Google Docs training a year or so ago, so I have already had some exposure with it. I have created documents that I have shared with colleagues in the past. I have also shared documents with students to see how they would do working with Google Docs. Given the population that I work with, a lot of the Google Docs are a bit intimidating for them... especially real time editing. They don't quite “get it” yet that it is alright for others to insert comments into their documents. They want to go in and delete what has been added. So for now, I think Edmodo might be a bit better for some of the things I want them to do. :)

I do, however, really like the forms, which I had not played with in the past. I think that might be a really great tool for creating quick quizzes for my students. I love multiple choice but hate typing and formatting them in Open Office.  And I think they will like taking computer quizzes much better than paper/pencil.  And the forms document will make it really easy to differentiate for each student.  :)  

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