Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tool # 6 - Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion In and Out of the Classroom

Of the twelve tools listed in the chart, I am already experimenting with four of them in my classroom to see how they might be most effective for my students. Google Docs has possibilities, especially the forms. I have used Edmodo for some lessons, and the students seem to like using Edmodo. It is especially useful in keeping students connected to what is happening in class when they are sitting in ISS. I enjoy my Diigo account and see some definite possibilities for connecting students to information by sharing links. I think this will allow them to start to learn how to use some of the information on the Internet more safely than they currently do. I also have another blog through Blogger that I am setting up for students to use for book discussions.   Wallwisher is fun.  Based on a STARR Released Test Essay question, I posed a question about instant communication to get my students talking about the effects technology has on our daily lives.  It will be interesting to see what they post when they come back from Spring Break.  Poll Everywhere is a nice way to gather information; however, since not all of my students have phones that can text, I will probably use the ActivVotes more for now.

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