Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tool #9 – Incorporating Classroom-Based Devices as Tools for Learning

 Why is it important to tie the technology to the objective? Students need to learn how to focus their learning, and how to best apply the technology tools that will achieve their learning objective. It is very easy to get lost in playing with technology but not really be able to use technology effectively as a tool to enhance learning and productivity. By tying technology to specific objectives, students will start to learn how to apply technology as an effective tool that improves the quality of their work and their life. As with any work we do in the classroom, students should be held accountable for the stations/centers so we can assess how much they are learning and know where to go next with our instruction.
I really like Thinkfinity as an interactive website for my students. It has many activities that allow the students to produce product that can be e-mailed or printed out as a final piece. It isn't too immature for the age level of my students,but at the same time, it can be tailored to meet their individual learning levels. I could use it either as a writing or a reading station, depending on exactly what I want to focus the student on at the time.
As for the iPads and iPod, I really like the ability to use Dragon Dictation. I think that will allow my students to express more of their ideas and they can be saved into a document to be e-mailed. The flashcard app is also one I would encourage my students to learn to use. I can also see my students using these devices to do research, read a book, or create videos.

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